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Cruise Control can be activated between 20 kmph and 80 kmph by pressing the button with the Cruise Control/Reverse icon on it.

There are three ways to deactivate Cruise Control:
1. By pressing the Cruise Control/Reverse button.
2. By pressing the brakes.
3. By giving throttle inputs.

"Cruise Control status is indicated on the display as follows:
1. Cruise Control Icon not present - Feature is not active.
2. Cruise Control Icon is green - Feature is active.
3. Cruise Control Icon is amber - Feature is not available due to a fault or speed conditions not being met.
Activation and deactivation of Cruise Control are also accompanied by chimes.

Cruise Control can be activated between 20 kmph and 80 kmph on Normal, Sport and Hyper modes. 

Cruise Control will not get activated if:
1. Your scooter's speed is less than 20 kmph or more than 80 kmph.
2. There is an internal fault in the scooter and Cruise Control is disabled for safety reasons.
3. Battery level is less than 15%.
4. Scooter is in ECO mode

Cruise Control can be activated in Normal, Sport, and Hyper mode. Cruise Control will not be avialble when the scooter in in ECO mode

To pair your phone with the scooter:
1. Switch on Bluetooth on your device and the scooter's dash.
2. Initiate pairing with your scooter from the phone's Bluetooth settings.
3. The scooter will be visible as 'Scooter Name _ Music'.
4. Select the scooter and initiate pairing.
5. Confirm the pairing passcode on the dash and your device to complete pairing.

Yes. A phone that is already paired will connect automatically when the scooter is within range. 

Your scooter has state-of-the-art built-in speakers to play your music.
You will have to pair your phone with the scooter via Bluetooth. Once paired and connected to the scooter, you can use your phone's media player to play music on the scooter's speakers.

You can use the scooter's dash and D-pad for the following music controls:
- Play/Pause music.
- Change tracks to the previous and next track.
- Increase/decrease the volume.

Refer to the Handlebar Controls on your User Manual for the exact controls.

Nearby charging stations are currently not integrated with Navigation.
However, you can search for charging stations at malls, offices, hotels or other public places and navigate to them.

The available range of your battery is displayed on the status bar.

Swipe left on the display screen to access Navigation.
Tap on the search box and enter your destination.
Select the destination among search results and tap on 'Start' to begin 'Turn-by-Turn' navigation.

Traffic data might be unavailable due to poor internet connectivity. Try moving to a zone with better network and wait for your scooter to connect to the internet.
If the problem persists, please contact Ola customer support on: 080-68964071

Make sure you are in a zone with good internet connectivity for Navigation to work.
If Navigation isn't working, it could be because you are in a covered area like a basement or tunnel. Take your scooter to an open location and wait a couple of minutes GPS to connect.
If the problem persists, please contact Ola customer support on: 080-68964071

There could be instances when the searched destination is unavailable as places are constantly getting updated on the map. In this case, you can use the 'Locate on Map' feature to drop a pin on the location you are searching for and navigate to it.
You can also report the missing places by filling this form: (

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