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Research Engineer,



“What does a day in my life look like? I’ve never really thought about it.

"Today, my morning began as it typically does. I wake up early to make the grocery list, make sure the household chores are done and check on my parents."

I make sure they take their medicines on time and eat well. This morning, after I finished everything else, my parents and I talked a little bit about our days before I left for office.

I always arrive early. I live far away, so I try to beat the rush hour. And once I get here, I settle down at my desk and prepare for the morning team meeting.

You know what I find strange about corporate life? All these meetings! I joined Ola straight after my PhD in Engineering, so I jumped from academia into the corporate world. The first thing I had to get used to was the meetings that are conducted… for every single thing. Honestly, some of those could easily be turned into emails. But I’m digressing...

So, today, we had our meeting where we discussed what we’re all working on. I updated the team on the progress of a project I’m leading which is research for a technology that we’re developing. I won’t divulge anything about it—it’s a secret! But the fact that I’ve been asked to lead it feels like a huge accomplishment!

And today, after our meeting, I brainstormed a few ideas for that project. Then, I came down for this interview. It’s so surreal—and intimidating. I’m not good at speaking about myself. And I’m worse at having my pictures taken!

What I am is a proud member of this team, so it’s a privilege to be here, doing this. Now that I think about it… Even though I’m a woman and a minority in my field, it’s never even been a topic of conversation in my life. The support and respect I receive at work and at home, makes me who I am.

"So, that’s a day in my life—filled with the people that I love and the passion that drives me."

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