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Ashvita and Haritha

Graduate Engineer Trainees (General Assembly & Paint Shop),
Ola Futurefactory


“There are many things that Haritha and I have witnessed together in our lives, including Appa’s unwavering support towards us. 

People in our village would mock him for using a 25-year-old scooter to commute; they’d say it was too old and rusted. But that never bothered him. 

"Even when we’d ask him to buy another one, he'd say, ‘I don’t need a new one. I’d rather spend my money on important things!’"

And those important things were always for us. When we were growing up, he always prioritised our education.

Right from our first day at school to our first day at work, I remember him being so damned happy that his daughters were achieving things he always dreamt of. So, when we landed a job at Ola, we wanted to find a way to thank him for everything. We thought of everything Appa could’ve wanted. But knowing the kind of man he is, there was nothing that came to our mind until we realized that the answer had been in front of us the whole time.

So, from our first salary, Haritha and I decided to follow that instinct, and finally bought his gift. And when the delivery date arrived, and Appa finally saw what we bought for him… he was speechless! He couldn’t form words; we had to nudge him, asking, ‘Aren’t you going to say anything?’ He just kept staring at his new scooter, letting the feeling sink in, and when it did, his simple ‘Wow,’ and the hug that followed meant the world to us! It’s been 7 months since we bought him a scooter and now, Appa has a new favorite task to do everyday—ensuring it’s spotless! 

"And then to see his beaming smile when he tells people, ‘My daughters bought it for me!’... our hearts swell with pride."

But this is just the beginning of a new story. Today it’s a scooter; who knows what else we might buy for Appa? And even then, it’s going to be the least we could do!”

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